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“The AWO is such a brilliant idea. There are so many wonderful Australian musicians living all over the world, and to bring all of them together will be really exciting for both the players and the audience. I personally do not get back to Australia very often, and when I do it is usually purely for a holiday, so to go back there and perform is something I am really looking forward to.”

Naoko Keatley (Miyamoto)


Second Violin – London Symphony Orchestra

Australian Hometown: Sydney
Education: Royal Academy of Music, London


Naoko started playing violin at the age of 2 in Japan. She moved to Australia at the age of 4 and made her soloist debut with the Sydney Youth Orchestra at just 8 years old.

Naoko played with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for 5 years performing in venues all around the world including, Wigmore Hall, the Sydney Opera House and Queen Elizabeth Hall. She has played with the Australian World Orchestra in 6 concert seasons.

Naoko joined the London Symphony Orchestra in 2014.

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