2022, 2018, 2015, 2011
“I’m humbled to be included in these marvellous concerts with some of the best and bravest of the Aussie musical diaspora. I look forward to meeting old friends and meeting new ones.”

Christopher Moore


Principal Viola – Melbourne Symphony Orchestra; Former Principal Viola – Australian Chamber Orchestra

Australian Hometown(s): Newcastle & Melbourne
Education: University of Newcastle

Recently appointed as Principal Viola of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Christopher Moore has spent the last nine years travelling the globe as Principal Viola of Australian Chamber Orchestra. As romantic as that sounds, he missed his old chums Mahler, Schoenberg and Adès, and so has returned to these and other old friends at the MSO.

Not surprisingly, Christopher’s wife and two daughters are pleased that Papa has hung up his rock star garb and come home to roost like their pet chickens. If you’re lucky, he may hand you a bona fide free-range egg; if you’re unlucky, you’ll be stuck hearing about how much he loves brewing beer and riding his bike into town from the suburbs, in an attempt to prevent his waistline expanding to the size of his chickens’ coop.

Christopher plays on a 1937 Arthur E. Smith viola affectionately known as ‘Martha’.

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