2018 India

Sagar Nagaraj


Concertmaster – Australian Indian Orchestra; Artistic Director & Concertmaster –Rosemont Chamber Orchestra; Macquarie Chamber Orchestra; 1st Violin – Rosemont Strings Quartet; Former – Willoughby Symphony Orchestra; AWO Academy Player 2018

Australian Hometown: Sydney
Education: Macquarie University

Sagar Nagaraj is an Australian-Indian Violinist and Violist. He is Concertmaster of the Australian Indian Orchestra, Artistic Director and Concertmaster of the Rosemont and Macquarie Chamber Orchestras, and 1st Violin of the Rosemont String Quartet. Having come through the Sydney and Australian Youth Orchestras, Sagar understands the importance of education and the profound impact of providing young musicians with opportunities. In 2018 Sagar toured with the AWO to India, performing in Chennai, Kerala, and Mumbai. In 2023 he co-founded the Australian Indian Orchestra which incorporates Indian instruments into the traditional symphony orchestra to perform Indian music in a western format.

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