Christopher Haycroft with bassoon

Christopher Haycroft


Casual Tutti Bassoon – Melbourne Symphony Orchestra; Orchestra Victoria; Former Bassoon Fellow 2017 – Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Australian Hometown: Sunshine Coast
Education: Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University; Australian National Academy of Music; University of Melbourne


Chris Haycroft is a bassoonist from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. He undertook a Bachelor of Music at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University in Brisbane, before relocating to Melbourne to attend the Australian National Academy of Music. In 2017 he was a part of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra Fellowship program, before returning to Melbourne to obtain a Masters of Music from the University of Melbourne. Throughout the course of his studies and his continuing professional career, Chris has had the opportunity to perform with several Australian and international orchestras, including the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Victoria, Sichuan Symphony Orchestra and the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. In 2023, Chris continues to live and work in Melbourne, performing regularly with Orchestra Victoria and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Last updated 2023