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“It is the quintessential ‘what if….’ question that is usually left up in the air. I applaud the vision and dedication of those who will enable this question to be answered. The result will be stunning.”

Michael Williams


Principal Cello – Vienna Chamber Orchestra; Principal – Volksoper Vienna; Former Associate Principal – Australian Chamber Orchestra

Australian Hometown: Sydney
Education: Sydney Conservatorium of Music


The Australian cellist Michael Williams, born in France, is principal cellist of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra and section leader of the Vienna Volksoper.

After completing studies in Sydney, Vienna and Basel, he returned to his homeland as the principal cellist of the Australian Chamber Orchestra. In 1995 he moved back to Vienna, where, in addition to his position in the Vienna Chamber Orchestra and later in 2006 in the Vienna Volksoper, he worked in the Ensemble Amarcord Vienna.

He also travels as a chamber musician through Europe, America and Asia and is a regular guest and lecturer at various chamber music festivals. Michael Williams can also be heard on several CDs, including Amarcord Vienna.

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