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"Despite being an expatriate for 13 years I am proud to be Australian and am always glad to work with other Australians. The idea of an entire orchestra of us together at home is so exciting I can barely wait for the first rehearsal, and that is something I don’t say that often!!! The AWO will give the concerts of a lifetime.”

Emily Francis


Former – BBC Symphony Orchestra

Australian Hometown: Brisbane
Education: Queensland Conservatorium of Music; Royal College of Music, London

Emily Francis was born in Queensland. She picked up the violin aged 6, following the footsteps of her grandfather who played the violin on ships.

Emily joined the Queensland Symphony Orchestra before graduation at the QLD Conservatorium in 1994. She left the orchestra and travelled to London, where she completed her Masters at the Royal College of Music. Emily then was awarded a 1st violin position with the BBCSO, which she held from 1999-2012.

During her time at the BBC, Emily was also offered a 2nd violin position at the London Philharmonic, and continued to work and trial with the London Symphony and the Philharmonia Orchestras.

Emily performed at the inaugural performances of the AWO in 2011, and decided to return home to Australia not long after these!

Since returning to Australia, Emily has continued an extremely diverse career of performing and teaching. She has performed both solo, chamber ensemble and orchestral work with groups including:
QLD Symphony, Camerata (QLD’s chamber orchestra), Topology.

Emily has long been involved in Education and Outreach work, both with the BBC and now as a violin teacher, running her own studio with a programme of small concerts.

She is dedicated to fostering the next generation of violinists in QLD.

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