Alexandre Oguey holding instrument

Alexandre Oguey

Cor Anglais

Principal Cor Anglais – Sydney Symphony Orchestra; Cor Anglais – Cor Plus Four; Former – Sydney Wind Quartet; Former Associate Principal Oboe – Lucerne Symphony Orchestra; Former Lecturer – Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Australian Hometown(s): Sydney
Education: Zurich Conservatorium

Originally from Switzerland, Alexandre Oguey has been Principal Cor Anglais in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra since 1997. Since living in Australia, he often gets called “Mr Doherty”, and is not too bothered by this; Diana Doherty and he have been happily married for 32 years . . . they also are the proud parents of two beautiful adult children and a cheeky Sheepadoodle puppy!

When he’s not washing the dishes, he likes playing chamber music, was a founding member of the New Sydney Wind Quintet for 9 years and loves his “Cor Plus Four” ensemble (Cor anglais, violin, viola, cello and double bass). He has also performed regularly in Australia with the Australia Ensemble and throughout Europe with the prize-winning Wildwind quintet and other Swiss-based chamber Ensembles.

Before moving to Australia, he was Associate Principal Oboe in the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra from 1990 to 1997. Alexandre was lecturer in oboe at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music for 17 years, and is now dedicating more time to his passion of arranging. His arrangements are published by Trevco Music and Hofmeister. His album “Pastoral Fables” with pianist Neal Peres Da Costa of romantic repertoire that he arranged for the cor anglais is available on ABC Classics. Alexandre is a Marigaux artist.

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