Bass Clarinet

Jonathan Craven

Principal Bass Clarinet – Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

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Christopher Haycroft

Casual Tutti Bassoon – Melbourne Symphony Orchestra; Orchestra Victoria; Former Bassoon Fellow 2017 – Sydney Symphony Orchestra

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Brock Imison

Principal Contrabassoon – Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

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Matthew Ockenden

Associate Principal Bassoon – Opera Australia Orchestra; Bassoon (casual) – Australian Chamber Orchestra

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Lyndon Watts

Freelance; Professor of Bassoon – Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, University of Melbourne; Former Principal Bassoon – Munich Philharmonic Orchestra; Former Professor of Bassoon – Berne University of the Arts

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Justin Beere

Associate Principal Clarinet – Orchestra Victoria; Artistic Director – Melbourne Chamber Players; Director – Continuo Commissioning Circle; Music Educator; Former Clarinet – Rubiks Collective

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Francesco (Frank) Celata

Associate Principal Clarinet – Sydney Symphony Orchestra; Lecturer – Sydney Conservatorium of Music

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Paul Champion

Principal Clarinet – Orchestra Victoria

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Olivia Hans-Rosenbaum

Freelance; Former Clarinet Fellow 2022 – Sydney Symphony Orchestra

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Cor Anglais

Rixon Thomas

Solo Cor Anglais – The Royal Danish Orchestra; Budapest Festival Orchestra; Former Principal Cor Anglais – Opera Australia Orchestra; Former – Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra, Denmark

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Lily Bryant

Flute Fellow 2023 – Sydney Symphony Orchestra; Freelance

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Andrew Nicholson

Principal Flute – West Australian Symphony Orchestra; Former Principal – Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra; Hallé Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; BBC National Orchestra of Wales

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Lisa Osmialowski (Lewis)

Guest Principal Flute – Opera Australia Orchestra; Guest Principal Piccolo – Sydney Symphony Orchestra

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Meg Sterling

Principal Flute – Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

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Ann Blackburn

2nd Oboe – Melbourne Symphony Orchestra; Former Associate Principal Oboe – Orchestra Victoria

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Nick Deutsch

AWO International Advisor; Professor of Oboe – Hochschule für Musik & Theatre, Leipzig; Former Artistic Director – Australian National Academy of Music

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Shefali Pryor

Associate Principal Oboe – Sydney Symphony Orchestra

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Linda Stuckey

Principal Piccolo – Hong Kong Philharmonic

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