Each concert season a select team of our world-class musicians conduct masterclasses as part of our Education Program; a rare opportunity for students to have one-on-one lessons with musicians at the highest level of talent and experience. Our unique ability to attract the world’s great maestros also provides an opportunity to present conducting tutorials with a major orchestra and learn techniques from the “greats”. Unlike instrumental masterclasses, a conducting tutorial requires a full orchestra making this opportunity especially rare and treasured by the students.

A masterclass from a musician with the experience of our players and conductors can be vitally inspirational at a crucial time for a student faced with the important decision of whether to pursue a career as a professional musician. Without students choosing that pathway the concert halls of tomorrow fall silent.

In the 10 years of running our Education Programs we have developed and nurtured strong relationships with Australia’s leading music education organisations. Our collaborations with the Sydney Youth Orchestra (SYO), Australian Youth Orchestra (AYO), Melbourne Youth Orchestra (MYO), Melbourne Centre for Music (MCM), NSW Regional Youth Orchestras (RYO), Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM), Sydney and Melbourne Conservatoriums of Music and schools across NSW and VIC has been a key element in supporting the program and making it all possible.