The AWO is dedicated to inspiring our youth with a strong belief that stoking the fire of their passion for music will, potentially encourage them to pursue a career in the industry and continue the cycle of cultural enrichment that we are so passionate about ourselves.

One of our most engaging programmes is our offering of masterclasses to music students each concert period when our players return home to rebirth the phoenix that is the Australian World Orchestra.



The AWO’s 2018 Masterclass & Tutorial series inspired and enriched the development of young players from the Australian Youth Orchestra (AYO) and the NSW Regional Youth Orchestra (RYO). Masterclasses for the AYO and RYO were held at the Sydney Opera House in April and May, conducted by AWO players:

  • Tony Bedewi, percussion
  • Ciro Vigilante, double bass
  • Lin Jiang, horn
  • Tobias Lee, viola
  • Anne Harvey-Nagl, violin
  • Shefali Pryor, flute & oboe – sectional
  • Lyndon Watts, clarinet & bassoon – sectional
  • Shannon Pittaway, brass
  • Simon James, violin
  • Julian Smiles, cello
  • Dave Montgomery, percussion & timpani

These classes are invaluable for the students’ professional and personal development. Learning from and playing with world-class players, is a dream for aspiring young musicians and the AWO is passionate about turning these dreams into reality. The chance to inspire and empower the next generation of classical musicians and perpetuate the great tradition of Australian representation in the world’s best orchestras is an opportunity we are proud to be a part of.

For the NSW RYO students, their tutorials culminated in a concert performance on the stage of the Concert Hall at the Sydney Opera House. AWO players joined the RYO students for an exhilarating performance of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No.5 and the contemporary Australian piece XPT by Natalie Williams, conducted by Patrick Brennan and Graham Sattler. Rehearsing and performing with professional musicians of the AWO’s calibre and performing onstage at the Sydney Opera House was a life-enriching experience for these young regional musicians.


Video of Robert Nairn conducting a Double Bass Masterclass with AYO students at the Sydney Opera House in 2015.