The AWO Academy Programme is a professional development and career building platform for talented young Australian musicians.

Players enter the Academy Programme by invitation, where they join the AWO to rehearse, travel, tour and perform with the orchestra for a concert season. The experience of playing in the AWO Academy Programme provides a springboard for pre-professional musicians launching their local and international careers.

By creating and nurturing invaluable professional connections between the AWO Academy Players and Australia’s finest musicians performing in the world’s greatest orchestras, the AWO Academy Programme supports an international network of Australian musicians. This network provides local and international introductions, support and mentoring for emerging Australian musicians.

The AWO Academy Programme continues well beyond the initial Academy season, AWO Academy Players are regularly invited to perform with the AWO in a professional capacity. The AWO Academy Programme provides on-going career and talent development.

The AWO thanks our generous partner, Arab Bank Australia Limited (ABAL), in partnering with us for the 2019 AWO Academy Programme.

AWO Academy Scholarship – in development

Future AWO plans include the development of an Academy Scholarship to provide funds to travel and study overseas or interstate to further their musical education.

“Playing alongside the Australian World Orchestra was an absolute dream come true. The amazing unity and power of the sound created within this ensemble was something I had not witnessed before, and to be a part of that sound was incredible. I learnt so much from playing alongside Australia’s finest musicians and it is an experience I will never forget. Molly Collier-O’Boyle AWO Academy Player 2018



Emily Newham (horn) – Melbourne & Canberra (Supported by Women in Business Syndicate for 2019 Season)

Sergio Insuasti (viola) – Melbourne & Canberra (Supported by Daryl Dixon for 2019 Season)


Molly Collier-O’Boyle (viola) – Sydney & Melbourne (Supported by Greta Bradman & Didier Elzinga for 2018 season)

Sagar Nagaraj (violin) – Chennai, Kochi & Mumbai, India; Invited back to work with the AWO in smaller ensembles.


2017 concert season was an education collaboration project with ANAM and all ANAM musicians experienced the AWO’s Academy program.


Jonathan Bekes (cello) – Sydney & Singapore; invited back to play with the AWO for 2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons

Ben Messenger (horn) – Sydney & Singapore

Jenna Smith (trumpet) – Sydney & Singapore

Brenda Koh (violin) – Singapore


Melina van Leeuwen (harp) – Sydney & Melbourne; invited back to play with the AWO for 2019 season (supported by Chum Darvall & Sonja Woodwell for the 2019 season)

Samuel Payne (cello) – Mumbai, Chennai & New Delhi, India


Katie Yap (viola) – Sydney & Melbourne; invited back to play with the AWO for 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 seasons (Supported by Robert Peck AM & Yvonne Von Hartel AM for the 2017 season and  supported by Joanne Lynch for the 2018 season)


Sophia Ang (percussion) – Sydney & Melbourne

Matthew Laing (viola) – Sydney & Melbourne

Liisa Palandi (violin) – Sydney & Melbourne

Adam Szabo (cello) – Sydney & Melbourne, invited back to play with the AWO for the 2016 season