2019 Player Supporter Programme

Our Player Supporter Programme is your opportunity to support AWO players for the 2019 concert season where 100% of your donation goes directly towards the costs associated with supporting our players to perform in the 2019 concert season.

Opal Player Supporters ($5,000) can choose their favourite player to support and are acknowledged as individual player supporters. View the 2019 list of artists HERE to choose the player you would like to support.

Our Player Supporter Programme Gems have made donations up to $4,999 towards the AWO Player Supporter Programme.

Click on the “DONATE NOW” button to donate to the Player Supporter Programme or contact GABRIELLE THOMPSON directly to complete your donation.


(in support of an individual player)

Martin & Margaret Board (in support of Belinda McFarlane, violin)
Charlene Bradley & Graham Bradley AM (major sponsors) Jen Booth & Mark Norris (minor sponsors) (in support of Kirsty McCahon, double bass)
Chum Darvall & Sonja Woodwell (in support of Melina van Leeuwen, harp)
Daryl Dixon (in support of 2019 AWO Academy Player Sergio Insuasti, viola)
Christopher Flynn (in support of Daniel Dodds, violin)
Paula Flynn (in support of Nick Deutsch, oboe)
Harish Rao & Monica Pahuja (in support of Howard Penny, cello)


GEMS $1 – $4,999
(in support of the Player Supporter Programme)

Marco Belgiorno-Zegna AM & Angela Belgiorno-Zegna
Elizabeth Briger
Greg Castle
Peter Clarke & Anne Clarke OAM
Michelle Falstein & Robert Coppola
Margaret Fittock
Bunny Gardiner-Hill
Marlene & Robert Gellert
Geoffrey Hogbin
Peter Nicoll Jackson
Josephine Key & Ian Breden
Janie Lemann
Antonio Rullo
Dr Alpha Yap
Anonymous x 2

2018 Concert Series & Player Supporter Programme

AWO thanks the following patrons for their generous support

Conductor Supporters
Marc Besen AC & Eva Besen AO
The Louise & Martyn Myer Foundation
Ezekial Solomon AM
Carla Zampatti Foundation

Opal Supporters
Charlene & Graham Bradley AM, Jennifer Booth & Mark Norris (in support of Kirsty McCahon)
Greta Bradman & Didier Elzinga (in support of Molly Collier-O’Boyle)
Jenny Brukner (in support of Monica Curro)
Christopher Flynn (in support of Daniel Dodds)
Paula Flynn (in support of Nick Deutsch)
Maria Teresa Hooke OAM & John Hooke CBE (in support of Michael Mulcahy)
Joanne Lynch (in support of Katie Yap)
The Hon. Jane Mathews AO (in support of Antoine Bedewi)
Naphtali Family Foundation (in support of Frank Celata)
Penelope & George Palmer AM (in support of Tobias Lea)
Harish Rao & Monica Pahuja (in support of Howard Penny)
Anonymous (in support of Katherine Lukey)


Mary Armour
Kenneth & Annabel Baxter
Marco Belgiorno-Zegna AM & Angela Belgiorno-Zegna
Jack & Carol Bloustein
Martin & Margaret Board
Jennifer Booth & Mark Norris
Ian & Clare Breedon
Alexander Briger AO
Elizabeth Briger
Roger Buckle
Francesco Celata
Kay Chen
Jennie & Rob Churchill
Richard Cobden
Michelle Falstein
Christopher & Paula Flynn
David Friedlander
Dr Lily Fuzes & Peter Fuzes
Jason Gellert & Molly Duggins
Bruce Gordon
Meredith Hellicar
Lilla Ito
Josephine Key & Ian Breden
Kim Kelly
Colin Mackerras AO
Jenny & Gerry Nevin
Susan Pelka
Michael & Gillian Pembroke
Maria Teresa Piccioli
Felicity Rourke & Francois Kunc SC
Roger & Ann Smith
Ezekiel Solomon AM
Tom & Dalia Stanley
Neil & Gabrielle Thompson
Peter Weiss Foundation
Anonymous x 2


2017 Concert Series Supporter Programme

Opal Supporters
Ian & Clare Breedon (in support of Andrew Bain)
Christopher Flynn (in support of Daniel Dodds)
Paula Flynn (in support of Nick Deutsch)
Wanda Gase-Goodey (in support of Belinda McFarlane)
Harish Rao & Dr Monica Pahuja (in support of Howard Penny)
Naphtali Family Foundation (Paul Dean)
Robert Peck AM & Yvonne Von Hartel AM (in support of Katie Yap)

Adrian & Cathie Ahern
H. Mary Armour
Judith Cavanagh
Jason & Molly Gellert
Meredith Hellicar
Anthony & Chloe Fitzwilliams Hyde
Janelle Irvine
Beth Jackson & John Griffiths
Cinzia Jeffery
Meryl Joyce
Leon Kempler
The Hon. Jane Mathews AO
Giancarla Montagna
Susan Pelka & Richard Caven
Peter Rowe
Peter and Nicole Strasser
Thompson Family


2016 Concert Series Supporter Programme

Opal Supporters
Adrian Ahern (Anne Harvey-Nagl)
Paula Flynn (Nick Deutsch, oboe)
Christopher Flynn (Daniel Dodds, violin)
Naphtali Family Foundation (Frank Celata)
Mark & Wanda Gase-Goodey (Madeleine Easton)
John Leece AM (Asmira Woodward-Page)

Elizabeth Briger
Judy Cavanagh
Frank Celata
Margaret Fittock
Lily & Peter Fuzes – in memorium Alexandra Minc
Richard Griffin AM
Beth Jackson & John Griffiths
Kate Harper
Dianne Jacobs
Mrs C Jeffrey
Justice Susan Kiefel
Juliet Lockhart
Mrs R E Markovic
Colin Mackerras AO
Paul Mallam
Pat Mitchell
Miranda Montrone
Jenny & Gerry Nevin
Susan Pelka
Neil Thompson
Erin White

Lilla Ito
The Estate of Sir Charles and Judy Mackerras

2015 Concert Series Supporters

Opal Supporters

Erik & Elfi Aslaksen & Richard Cobden (Lyndon Watts, bassoon)
Claire & Jim Delany QC (Alison Mitchell, flute)
Paula Flynn (Nick Deutsch, oboe)
Christopher Flynn (Daniel Dodds, violin)
Mark & Wanda Gase-Goodey (Belinda McFarlane)
John Leece AM & Anne Leece (Asmira Woodward Page, violin)
Naphtali Family Foundation (Paul Dean)
The O’Donohue Family Trust (Fiona Sargeant, viola)


Carol & Jack Bloustein
Jan Bowen
Elizabeth Briger
Rob Gullan & Pam Caven
Charles Curran AC
Lilly & Peter Fuzes
Richard Griffin AM
Eva Havas
Diana Heath
Jayne Hughes & Rob McCormick
Lilla Ito
Justice F Kunc & Ms F Rourke
John Laws CBE & Caroline Laws
Jane & Martin Lemann
George Palmer AM & Penelope Palmer
Lorraine Parker
Caroline Sharpen
John Sheldon
Arlene Tansey
Nicholas Yates
Timothy & Renate Yates

Bequests & Estate Gifts
Graham Scharer



Gold ($10,000)
Joanne Cameron
The Myer Foundation
Neil & Gabrielle Thompson

Silver ($5,000)
Elizabeth Briger
Australian Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
George Palmer AM QC & Penny Palmer

Bronze ($2,500)
Broinowski Foundation

Supporters ($1 – 2,499)
Antoinette Albert
Ian Breden & Josephine Kay
Finkel Foundation Pty Ltd
Mr & Dr Fuzes
Ian Harper AM & Rosemary Harper
Stephen & Michelle Johns
The Honorable Justice Francois Kunc SC & Felicity Rourke
Janie Lemann
Bruce Parncutt and Robin Campbell
Peter Plunkett-Cole
Andrew Rogers
John Sheldon
Nicholas Yates
Anonymous (3)



Platinum ($25,000)
Neil & Gabrielle Thompson
Peter Weiss AO

Gold ($20,000)
Andrew Kaldor AM & Renata Kaldor AO
Francois Kunc SC & Felicity Rourke
Ann Lewis AO
Julia Ross
Ezekiel Solomon AM
Anonymous (1)

Silver ($5,000)
Erik & Elfi Aslaksen
Mark & Robyn Baillie
John Baker
Elizabeth Briger
Margie Bryant
Joe & Debbie Chadwick
Curve Securities Pty Ltd
Christopher Flynn
Paula Flynn
David Gonski AC & Orli Wargon OAM
Leslie Green
John Hooke CBE & Marie Teresa Hooke
Paul & Shashi Laverick
John Leece OAM & Anne Leece
Sir Charles Mackerras
Lady Judy Mackerras
Michael Napthali & Jodi Matterson
Paul & Catherine Morton
George Palmer AM QC & Penny Palmer
Luci Rafferty & Melanie Leijer
Annie Ross
John Schaeffer AO & Bettina Dalton
Fred Street AM & Dorothy Street
David & Elizabeth Tudehope
Bill & Marijke Webb
Colin & Belinda Wilson
Carla Zampatti AC

Bronze ($2,500)
Lorraine & Ross Parker
John Sheldon

Supporters ($1 – $2,499)
Dieter & Erika Beck
Paul Bowden
Gillis & Michelle Broinowski
Elizabeth Briger
Charles Curran
Elizabeth Jane Douglas
Andrew & Willa Eaton
John Egan
Mark & Michelle Hopkinson
Peter Green & Robin Maher
Juliet Lockhart
Lady Judy Mackerras
Peter Plunkett-Cole
Penelope Seidler AM
Sue & Bill Waterhouse
Anonymous (3)


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