We invite you to become an AWO Opal Supporter where you choose to support your favourite instrument or musician. You will be acknowledged as an individual musician supporter on our website and in our commemorative programmes with opportunities to meet your musician.


Opal Supporters ($5,000 and above)
Griffin Foundation (in support of Frank Celata, Clarinet)
Paula Flynn (in support of Nick Deutsch, Oboe)
Christopher Flynn (in support of Nathan Cox, Organ)
Bunny Gardiner-Hill (in support of Madeleine Easton, Violin)
McEvoy Family 5 (in support of Katherine Lukey, Violin)
Ian and Clare Breedon (in support of Casey Rippon, Horn)
Charlene and Graham Bradley AM (in support of Kirsty McCahon, Double Bass)
Douglas and Jenna Farrell (in support of Nichole King)
Miles Drury and, Molly and Jason Gellert
Associate Professor Payal Saxena
David Mortimer AO

Gem Supporters ($5,000 and under)
Elizabeth Briger
Francesco (Frank) Celata
Peter Clarke
Anne Dineen
Sarah Gleeson-White
Evelyn & Garrick Hawkins
Tony Huber
Wendy Hughes
Sarah Johns
Laurence Kalnin & Robyn Valencia
Josephine Key
Nick Mole
Jenny Nevin
Wayne Shafton
Margaret Kirby
Elaine Budd
Anna-Rosa Barker
Carol Bloustein
Cornelius Nieuwendynk
Josie Gurney
Noam White
Ian Paterson
Margaret Fittock
George Palmer KC
Cathie Hull
Katy Daruwala
Alison Carmine
Michael Taylor
Ian and Clare Breedon
Joanne Lynch
Adrian Parish
Kevin Li
Suzanne Maple-Brown
Robert and Marie-Gellert
Mary Armour
Michael Rothner
Professor Michael Hutchinson
The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation
Anonymous (5)

“Playing with AWO is one of the most important musical experiences in my life, so I really hope I‘m able to join you again very soon in the future.”

Stefanie Farrands, Principal Viola – Australian Chamber Orchestra