2023 Reviews

“…there is something thrilling about the sound from this ephemeral, curated, highly skilled pop-up orchestra, freed of habit, the ultimate flexible instrument in the hands of its conductor.

Classical Voice America, Concert Review by James L. Paulk 6/12/2023


“Alexander Briger and the Australian World Orchestra complete their galactic mission with precision, verve and gusto”

Limelight, Concert Review by Steve Moffatt 25/11/23


“…the AWO strings created
wonderfully rich sound of
energised intensity, to which the woodwind responded with clear textures like shafts of soft light…”

Sydney Morning Herald, Concert Review by Peter McCallum 25/11/23


“…a life-affirming encounter that recalled the landmark Melbourne performance of this work by the Chicago Symphony under Georg Solti…”

The Age, Concert Review by Tony Way 22/11/23

Alexander Briger conducting AWO in 2023
2023 Sydney concert © Prudence Upton

2022 Reviews

“…a mystical combination of telepathy, instinct and love…”

Australian Book Review, Concert Review by Michael Shmith 5/9/22


“There is always a particular kind of unstoppable energy…released explosively in one sardonic wink.”

Sydney Morning Herald, Concert Review by Peter McCallum 5/9/22

2022 Sydney concert © Prudence Upton

“In a musical sense, this was a team of champions…”

JWire, Concert Review by Fraser Beath McEwing 4/9/22


“It was as if the Australian World Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Zubin Mehta were top-billed rockstars.”

Limelight Magazine, Concert Review by Megan Steller 2/9/22


“The orchestra tore against the leash, sweeping into the heroic curves of Don Juan and Heldenleben with furious passion and cracking ensemble . . .”

The Australian, Concert Review by Eamonn Kelly 1/9/22


“a dazzling demonstration of extraordinary artistic prowess…”

The Age, Concert Review by Tony Way 31/8/22

Zubin Mehta conducting the AWO in Sydney 2022 © Prudence Upton

2021 Reviews

“Symphony would be a challenge for any orchestra, but the AWO’s performance was one that delivered a monumental work with assured precision, extraordinary emotion and explosive power.”

Limelight Magazine, Concert Review by Clinton White 3/6/21


“Briger has created an orchestral Rolls Royce, obvious from the very first notes…”

Australian Arts Review, Concert Review by Bill Stevens OAM 4/6/21


“….it was a night for renewed hope in local orchestral music.”

Australian Financial Review, Concert Review by Michael Bailey 3/6/2021


2019 Reviews

“The Sibelius was magnificent… It was performed with measured assurance, and, from its start, an unerring feeling of inner strength and solidarity…”

The Australian Book Review, Concert Review by Michael Shmith 29/7/2019


“Gathering together the best Australian instrumental players from around the globe, the Australian World Orchestra is now such a fixture in the musical life of our country…”

LIMELIGHT MAGAZINE, Concert Review by Tony Way 28/7/2019

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“…a performance of monumental vision.”

THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, Concert Review by Maxim Boon 8/7/2019

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“…the depth of sound was powerful but warm and rich, expansive but entirely enveloping.”

The Canberra Times, Concert Review by Clinton White 27/7/2019

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“I felt in the presence of a massed talent under a top-notch conductor who could transfer feelings with great precision.”

The Saturday Paper, Concert Review by Peter Craven 3/8/2019

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“…the group’s luscious colours and sinuous phrasing realised Brahms’ seemingly endless supply of exquisite melodies.”

The Australian, Concert Review by Murray Black 2/8/2019

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Past Concert Reviews (2018, 2015, 2013)

“..one of the most exhilarating concerts I’ve attended in a long time and another eloquent reassurance of the eminent place of Australian musicians in the world.”

Limelight Magazine, Concert review by Greg Keane 3/4/18

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AWO playing at SOH 2018
The AWO 2018 concert in Sydney

“Everything about this magnificent, perfectly proportioned account of Bruckner’s Symphony No 8 was natural and spontaneous.”

THE AUSTRALIAN, Concert Review by Murray Black 31/7/15

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The AWO 2015 concert with Sir Simon Rattle

“the best orchestra in the world”

ArtsHub, Concert review by Heather Leviston 4/10/13

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The AWO 2013 concert with Zubin Mehta